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When a student asks an intricate question the search results are often unsatisfactory.  As a result the market for complex queries remains under served – and the demand for accurate resource discovery is massive.


The solution for education research





The edForma portal – unlike any other search technology – identifies the documents that made the most valuable contributions to the query – because those are the documents most relevant to the user.


The edForma  portal will transform the way students and teachers utilize learning resources on a global basis.

Many studies have found that while students are more competent users of technology than ever before, there is an over reliance on popular search engines and portals for education research.


Faced with tens or even hundreds of thousands of documents returned by existing search tools in response to a complex education query, the reader is simply overwhelmed.  No education user can be expected to read every document returned with the results of current search tools.


Utilizing the edForma technology we are able to provide the education user with unique and accurate search capabilities.


With edForma users have the opportunity to generate more innovative and creative research than ever before, empowering students to harness all the research opportunities at their fingertips.




Exhaustive extraction of information from resources stored in the edForma InfoBase.


The edForma portal produces massive networks of associated data to establish relationships between terms, phrases, concepts or topics.


The edForma portal is able to open accurate and unique views on education resources for students and teachers.

About Us

Affinity Learning provides education clients globally with a comprehensive package of products and services focused on content discovery, management and delivery.


Affinity has been involved in education technology with the emphasis on digital library systems.  Due to the lack of easy access to relevant resources in response to complex education queries, students and teachers have been frustrated in the search process for some time.  We felt there had to be a better way.


Affinity Learning is launching the edForma web portal to serve the complex research requirements of online education users.


The primary goal of Affinity is to deliver access to accurately focused education resources for students which enables them to achieve real breakthroughs in critical learning.


The edForma portal enabling students to emerge as a fully-rounded and confident generation of thinkers whose talents will fuel the creativity and new ideas of the future.



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